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Clubs Resource

Club Objects

Club Structure
Field Type Description
id snowflake the club's id
name string the club's name
desc string the club's description
bans array an array of user's ids that are banned from the club
invites array an array of user's ids that are invited to the club
members object a object, keys being user's id and value being rank names
settings object settings object
created integer the timestamp when the offer was created
Settings Structure
Field Type Description
displayColor integer the display color, to decimal
baseName string the base name of the banner
baseColor integer the base color of the banner, to decimal
designName string the design name of the banner
designColor integer the design color of the banner, to decimal
open bool whether the club is open

Settings Object

The settings the club admins selected.

Get Clubs


Returns an array of clubs.

Get Club


Returns a club.